Steampunk Wonderland

Regulars to the amazing Neon Moon burlesque and cabaret clubs will know us from past events whether through our stall or our walk about performances.
Some of you may know what steampunk is and other may just think we dress strangely and have no idea, so to help clear up that matter and to maybe provide some inspiration we have composed this little blog.

So first off….
What is steampunk??

There is no easy answer to this question. The basics answer would be “Victorian inspired science fiction”
Now that doesn’t really explain much, but imagine an alternative reality based from the Victorian era.  Everything is possible (well it is science fiction).
From space and time travel, ray guns, fictional characters and steam powered computers.
Your imagination is the only limit to what can be, and from there you would take inspiration from the fashion, materials, technology and sheer Britishness that came from the Victorian period.
Steampunks also like books, tea, gin and being polite!!

Expect to see people inspired by fictional military units, explorers, grand Ladies and Gentlemen, and of course some works of fiction can inspire equally which brings us nicely on to the subject of Alice in wonderland.  The Alice stories lend themselves nicely to steampunk, from the top hat of the mad hatter and the tea party, through to the very over the top Queen of hearts they can all take a place in the steampunk world.

steampunk_alice___original_cosplay_by_twisearcher85-d7nnctzSteampunk Alice by Twisearcher
Steampunk isnt always brown and black!
This lovely outfit combines a very strong blue with an ivory corset and bustle, all styled with a nod to Victorian dress making.  As with most steampunk outfits it is all about the accessories and with the lantern, eye piece and embelishments you can see how they really finish off the ensemble.

We would suggest a combination of Blues and whites, with maybe some “drink me vials” thrown in for good measure.
10157189_426042430878816_1433450717482933387_n 10930862_426056690877390_4718687483279467684_n

steampunk-mad-hatter-costumeSteampunk mad hatter
More is more when it comes to steampunk.  From the over the top hat with its Victorian style fabrics and feathers, the rich brown leathers of the corset and accessories, the cut and style of the jacket and collar and topped off with some glasses and loupes.

Steampunks love goggles, but they are’nt compulsory!!

This image really does not need a lot of description but the imagery should be a great inspiration for a great steampunk outfit.
As with all steampunk it is only limited by your imagination and creativity, charity shops, ebay and the dusty parts of your wardrobe are a great resource to find clothes to alter and adapt to create something new and wonderful.

Top hats can be big or small as these fascinators by us at Bee’s Bizarre Bazaar show.  Avaliable on our Etsy store.

More inspiration…
9c2278e32b5b678885c98e4694b06261 2d34e8424309ba1bdd842d7ac9cdbebatumblr_lu0iuo7ZDB1r1hdllo1_500

We hope that this quick little blog will help inspire you for the upcoming Wonderland ball and we are always happy to help with ideas and outfits as well as supply accessories and props from stock or commission.  Do come along and join us on our facebook page at  If you wish to get more involved in steampunk in general do join us at either The Clockwork Infirmary for a great free local event in July or at the Cambridgeshire Steampunk Society.
Failing that, feel free to pop by our stall on the evening of the Wonderland ball and have a chat with us both.  We don’t bite and even provide free hugs!!

Be splendid!!


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